Winners and Stories

The winners of the Australasian Management Challenge explain why it was worth all the effort

'Throughout the program, both as a mentor and participant, you’re challenged to think strategically, step outside of your comfort zone and apply your skills to a range of situations, beyond your regular experience in your day-to-day role. Post-Challenge I have been pushing myself to approach tasks differently, challenge my assumptions and apply a more strategic framework to my decisions.’ - Sarah Leach, Team Mentor

Brisbane Gryphons team members and support crew.
Back: Danielle Naranjo Cedeno, Lorna Clarke, Ryan Brown, Jody Thomas, Anna McKinven, Llewellyn Batson, Chloe Nicholls
Front row: Kerry O’Connor, Sarah Leach, Gareth Morgan

Congratulations to the very impressive Brisbane Gryphons from Brisbane City Council! The team put in an impressive effort to take out the finals of the Australasian Management Challenge 2017 in Hobart at LG Professionals Australia’s Nation Congress last month. And thanks to our Australasian Management Challenge sponsor, JLT, for making it happen!

Every year, LG Professionals Australia runs the Australasian Management Challenge – a sophisticated professional development program leveraging experiential learning with real-life problem-solving based on topical issues councils face, that push local government’s emerging leaders to find new strengths in themselves and their teams. The emphasis is on learning – both individually and as a team, creating outcomes that translate into relevant, tangible and enduring benefits for individuals, their teams and their organisations. CEO of LG Professionals Australia, Lauren Oakey says, ‘Continuing professional development is vital to nurturing our local government sectors aspiring leaders. The program’s emphasis is on equipping practitioners with leadership, analytic, communication and problem-solving skills, and how to apply these skills in a practical setting.’

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Pre-Challenge task videos